The Cisa Contactless Hotel Lock is designed with classic Cisa appearance, following compact, modern and elegant styling. With finishes of satin stainless steel and satin brass, the range compliments all kinds of hotel decoration. The Cisa Contactless Hotel Lock is equipped with a tamper proof magnetic clutch which provides reliability at an affordable price. The advanced mechanical structure secures the lock from magnetic interference, but also considerably reduces mechanical abrasion, thus fulfilling the basic requirements on simplicity and stability of electronic locks. Equipped with cover plate and lever made of stainless steel, the lock can be applicable to almost all environments, with water-proof and dust-proof functionality. The Cisa Contactless Hotel Lock can be used as a retrofit option for the Cisa Wave Lock, with only a few changes on door holes. Also, the lock uses a US profile interchangeable cylinder, which can be changed to provide a wider range of master keying solutions. The Cisa Contactless Hotel Lock targets local 4-5 star hotels looking for an unbeatable combination of a highly functional and reliable security system at a competitive price.