Hospitality Solutions

Your guests gain an unforgettable experience when each detail in your hotel – from coffee makers to mini-bars to bathrooms – infuses elegance. We make such details possible. Our dedicated pursuit towards browsing for and selecting the finest hospitality products and solutions supports your efforts and business.

In-room Necessities

A room in your hotel is its most important facet. Furnishing it with handy utilities and exquisite elements adds to the comfort of your guests and builds luxury – so much so that your guests might come to like it more than their own room!




By equipping the rooms in your hotel with minibars, and by stocking them with snacks and beverages, you take care of your guests without even having to reach for them!

We supply minibars that combine the exclusivity of design and operation with eco-friendliness. The minibars are ultra-quiet and customizable according to specific requirements.

They come with metal or glass doors – in the design of a box or drawers. The modern Flybars are elegant; they come with smart technology and energy saving cooling system – and they can be mounted on the wall, thus, improving upon economy of space.





Hospitality Trays and Kettles:

Hospitality trays and kettles are one of the first elements that make an impression on your guests. Choose them from us and make them smart and elegant.

We provide all kinds of kettles, including cordless ones that come with various functionalities. Hospitality trays that are made from bamboo or melamine are easy to maintain and add a sweet touch to the guestroom amenities.



Coffee Machine


Coffee Machines:

So many memories and conversations range around cups of coffee. Add a coffee making machine to your guestrooms and bolster the possibility of your guests having a memorable stay!

Our compact brewing machines are user-friendly and easy to clean and maintain. There are numerous models to choose from based on the requirements and décor of your hotel.

Apart from the basic brewing machines, there are also the advanced ones that allow your guests to create endless types of coffee – from cappuccino to latte to macchiato!






Stocking your guestrooms with handy utilities conveys to your guests your thoughtfulness and highlights your hospitality. It also enables your guests to slip in a comfort zone.

We provide all kind of in-room utilities: from hangers – wooden or satin-covered – to emergency torches; from steam irons and ironing boards to hair dryers and dustbins. We ensure best-in-class utilities that are durable and highly functional.






Don’t the guests first check out the bathrooms (before anything else) as soon as they enter their room? Styling the bathrooms in your guestrooms and loading them with useful and beautiful accessories enables you to make a mark.

Tell us your requirements and select from a range of bathroom accessories: magnification mirrors, bathroom mirrors, LED illuminated mirrors, wall-mounted cosmetic mirrors, mirror defoggers, weighing scales that are solar powered, and numerous other bath accessories.



Sleep solutions


Sleep Solutions:

Tend to the little things – like comfortable pillows, duvets, and other sleep solutions – and bid your guests sweet dreams! Select from a range of exquisite and long-lasting solutions.

Our sleep solutions are sourced keeping in mind comfort and durability. High-quality pillows redefine cosiness and they fluff up, as if they were brand new, when washed. Our comforters, duvets and loft feather beds allow your guests to sink deep. The exceptional thread count of the linen we provide makes them resilient and luxurious.

Food and Beverage

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A host of elements revolve around exceptional food and drinks to impart your guests remarkable experiences. Make sure those elements are well chosen and tastefully done.



Banquet Experience:

The ability to host unforgettable banquets that delight gatherings, boosts your hotel’s reputation and seals it in the eyes of your guests. Browse and select the elements that go into making an outstanding banquet experience possible.

From elegant banquet furniture – chairs and tables – to banquet equipment that spice up the show, like, stage-risers, dancefloors, stages and stage-steps – the success of the feast depends on them.

A thoughtful addition of exotic outdoor objects – like, poolside furniture, umbrellas, and loungers – and handy accessories – like, baby-chairs, podiums, and luggage racks – make the evenings complete.



Dining ware


Dining and Kitchen ware:

Your selection of dining and kitchen ware has the power to either liven up the dining and kitchen experience of your guests or pull it down. Exquisite dining ware and highly functional kitchen ware assist in creating and serving food and beverages.

Set the dining tables at your hotel with contemporary or classic range of cutleries. Select the designs – simple or vibrant – that will complement the décor of your hotel and enhance the dining vibes.

In order to maintain kitchens that are not cluttered and messy, choose from our efficient set of kitchen ware. They streamline the cooking process and make the act or serving a useful art.



Glow menu


Glow Menus and Buffet Displays:

Adding subtle utilities – like, Glow menus instead of printed ones, and striking buffet displays – not only informs your guests about the range of food and beverages on offer but also lend a special visibility of your many items.

LED lit glow menus provide a special moment to your guests when they are making their choices. These are shock, splash, and stain resistant, and they support easy change and modification of menu listings.


Housekeeping is an aspect that plays the most crucial role in building the reputation of your hotel. A major portion of the revenues derives from the accommodation of your guests – therefore, it’s imperative to make it your most brilliant offering. A neat and clean environment, and well-tended rooms have the possibility of triggering word-of-mouth recommendations for your hotel.

Housekeeping Trolley


House Keeping and Linen Trolleys:

The room service that’s discreet and efficient is the best in class! In order to achieve that, ensure that the equipment that is involved is highly functional and complementary to the brand image of your hotel.

We provide housekeeping and linen trolleys that are easy to handle and smartly designed. Their ergonomics ensures rich storage capacities and utility. Choose from a range of trolleys for different purposes and make movements in your hotel ordered and organised.


Movable Bed


Mobile Beds:

Using mobile beds is a great way to modify – and, hence, monetise – the capacity of your guestrooms.

Mobile beds are a smart improvement over the traditional rollaway beds. Your guests will appreciate the comfort and convenience as these are easy to use. We provide high-quality mobile beds that are simple to handle and transport owing to their design and light weight.



Shoe shiner



Public Areas:

Lend the public areas in your hotel – like, lobbies, washrooms, galleries, halls – much-appreciated utility. Spruce them up by installing hand dryers and shoe-shine machines.

We provide durable and efficient hand dryers and shoe-shine machines that are user-friendly and easy to maintain and clean.

Front Office

Front offices and reception desks at your hotel are the first touch points for your guests and their constant go-to point during their stay. A well-organized front office not only casts a good impression on your guests but also assists your staff to perform their duties efficiently.

Q signage


Q Post and Signage:

Q Posts and signages aid your staff in communicating with your guests and help in organising and structuring the office spaces.

Source high-quality Q Posts and Signages from us that are made from brass, aluminium, or stainless steel. We keep in mind the ergonomics involved, and, hence, source equipment that combine functionality with beauty.



bellman cart and trolley


Bellman Carts and Trolleys:

A welcoming smile and smart, efficient carts and trolleys to transport the luggage of your guests goes a long way in satisfying them. Choose from a range of luggage trolleys and bellman carts and enhance the front office services at your hotel

Keeping in mind the needs and challenges of the front office and reception tasks, we provide trolleys and carts that are sturdy and easily manoeuvrable. Their elegant design adds to the brand image of your hotel.